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Hang onto your hat and look out for snagging hooks

...coho at the Nick Dudiak Fishing Lagoon within minutes after snagging began Friday. Mariman's fishing prowess has earned him...professor" among his Fishing Hole buddies. "That's...caught on a three-prong snagging hook. By 12:10 p...
Fishing Hole action slow; halibut heats up halibut Halibut fishing is fair to smokin' if...pounds). Saltwater fishing: salmon Snagging is allowed in Kachemak...except in the Nick Dudiak Fishing Lagoon where it would...after he left The Fishing Hole? No wonder we haven't...
Fishing Report
Fishing superstitions no laughing matter when success counts

...the Nick Dudiak Fishing Lagoon and from...designates where snagging is closed. The...waters closed to snagging. Come on gang...this run at the hole without resorting to snagging like some of the...Other saltwater fishing Fishing off the...
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Spend Labor Day weekend productively, go fishing

...Dudiak Fishing Lagoon. Fishing is good. The best bite...are the best bet when fishing the in-coming tide...Lagoon into September. Snagging at the Fishing Lagoon will not open...otherwise. Refill the holes you dig in the beach...
Fishing Hole runs hard to predict

...the lagoon and a large parking area separates the Fishing Hole from Spit Road. In 1990, the lagoon's success...Booz. On occasions when the department opens the Fishing Hole to snagging, the activity accelerates, with fisherman standing...
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Here's how to spot a Dolly Varden

...let's get to the Fishing Hole. 'Tis true that the...year's run of kings but snagging remains a major no-no...have a shot of finally fishing legally, don't get...currently closed to snagging. King fishing is fair in Seldovia...
The Fishing Hole

...Fishig Hole Monday. King salmon can be caught at the Fishing Hole from mid-May till the end of June, and average...dwindles, the Department of Fish and Game may open the Fishing Hole for snagging. The openings will be announced locally and signs...
By land or by sea

...fished near the inlet channel of the Fishing Hole on a flooding tide is very effective forsilvers. Snagging is allowed in Kachemak Bay from...31. However, snagging at the Fishing Hole is allowed only during specific...
Casting About is fair to good at the Nick Dudiak Fishing Lagoon. Silvers will be available in the...salmon is six in the Lagoon area. The Fishing Hole is currently closed to snagging. Silver salmon fishing in Mud Bay at the base of the Homer Spit...
Seals steal prize catch at The Hole

...Friends of the Fishing Hole" (FFH) and the Homer...Program at the Nick Dudiak Fishing Lagoon and this year's...late-run silvers at The Hole. They thought they had...brute on June 30 while fishing with Capt. Bryan Bondioli...Kachemak Bay are open to snagging except in the Nick Dudiak...
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